Shams al-Shumus
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Shams al-Shumus

This is a religious travel and tourism agency based in Beirut, Lebanon. With a highly saturated market offering similar caravan trips to religious sites all over East Asia, Shams al-Shumus wanted to create an unprecedented experience: high level customer service, informative print materials about the visits, quality hotel-bookings for improved customer experience, and a well-organized and branded equipe that knows its way around the sites of visit. 

The brand needed a Thuluth Arabic calligraphy with a powerful modernistic touch that would serve as a major distinctive factor between the market’s current traditional-style players and this new-approach brand. This visual identity included the calligraphic logo, bagging and packaging, clothes design, stationery, and a multitude of other marketing materials. It was created with the intention to leave our client dumbfounded and it did just that, in a good way at least. We are proud to support purpose-based projects and love merging two-world themes, tradition and modern market needs. 


Logo Design & Branding


August 18, 2021